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Water Shortages – The World’s Biggest Threat

February 8, 2011

Many of us live in places where the threat of drought is sometimes a very real possibility.  Out here in the Western United States, we’ve come to realize that water is a precious resource that should be conserved when ever and where ever is possible.

A new article posted on explains this very serious issue of water shortage on a global scale, arguing that water will replace oil as the next catalyst for conflict.  Check out the article here:

The article reports that by “2015 nearly half of the world’s population (approximately 3 billion people) will live in water stressed countries”, impacting virtually everybody at some level.  The impact to agriculture will be felt the most and will likely lead to conflict between countries that share a water supply.

We’re proud to be a small part of the solution to major issues facing our planet today, one of those being helping to conserve water.  Our condensing economizer technology allows business owners to be creating free water to use in a variety of ways; all of which helps save the planet and improve your bottom line.  Join us as we work towards making businesses responsible stewards of this precious resource!

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