Understanding the Language of the Age

April 4, 2011

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The key words and catch phrases of the environmental movement have become a part of the lexicon of many people worldwide.  Before the global warming crisis many people would have never have heard about greenhouse gases, fossil fuels, or pondered the question “what’s my carbon footprint?”  The reality however is that knowing, understanding and translating how these words and issues are affecting your life, business, or community are key to helping you play your part in fixing a global problem.

The Energy Information Administration has produced a brochure that does a nice job of describing these key terms and issues that we face regarding climate change.  Click here to read or print the brochure online.

A well rounded understanding of the issues we face is the first step in taking action to become a part of the solution.  The second is to pin point the areas of your life or business that could make changes that work towards helping the planet.  Technologies like ours help to significantly reduce CO2 and save businesses money as well.  If you’d like to learn more about the energy and money you could be saving to help the planet by using our technology just let us know… we’d love to be of assistance!


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