The Sky’s the Limit with Waste Heat Recovery

August 10, 2011

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As long time advocates of waste heat recovery, it’s a shame to see businesses and countries still not taking the potential of waste heat recovery seriously. Take this recent article published in Britain’s Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Magazine titled, “Heat Recovery Potential Ignored” as an example. In the article, we learn that despite the proven effectiveness of waste heat recovery the government chooses to ignore its funding.

Well, what are the benefits of waste heat recovery again?

For starters, waste heat recovery condensing economizers help to significantly reduce CO2 from industrial boilers and appliances. A reduction in CO2 also means a reduction in overall energy usage… which means significant financial savings! And last but not least, condensing economizers create free usable water! For more information on waste heat recovery and condensing economizers check out our main website at

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