Sustainability Helps Ensure Business Survival

December 10, 2010

Corporations Find That Sustainable Businesses Can Survive Even During A Recession

Every business owner and corporate leader knows that the recession hasn’t been the greatest of friends to many businesses around the country.  With businesses closing their doors, losing profits, or struggling to find a way to stay viable in a changing market, a recently published New York Times article has some encouraging input to help you stay afloat.

In the opening line of the article, Greenwire Magazine author Nathanial Gronewold makes the claim that, “The recession taught many companies that “sustainability” can mean profit”.  Using major companies as case studies, he reveals that companies striving for sustainability have been able to weather the storm of the recent market crash better than those who neglected the issue.

The point I found most important is that by making your business more sustainable, “it creates a preference for a brand, builds business with retail customers, drives innovation, grows markets, and in many cases, generates cost savings”.

Here at Sidel Systems we have the privilege of helping business reach their sustainability goals by increasing energy efficiency, reducing CO2 emissions, conserving water, and saving money.  We look forward to continuing to do everything we can to help our clients reach their goals, and are thrilled to be advancing both business profitability and environmental stewardship at the same time!

–  Sid

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