Success with Waste Heat Recovery

August 17, 2011

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Last week, we posted an article that expressed concern about businesses that ignored the many benefits of waste heat recovery. Now, let’s spotlight a few businesses that are taking huge strides in adopting waste heat recovery.

The largest producer of calcined petcoke in the U.S. recently underwent a major overhaul and installed waste heat recovery units at one of their plants in Los Angeles. The company expects to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by over 150,000tpa. Read more by clicking here.

The Chinese government recently hired a company to install waste heat recovery units on a few of large scale industrial boilers in Guizhou province. The project is costing an estimated $9.9 Million… now that’s an investment! Read more here.

Businesses that take our industry and product seriously stand to reap huge rewards both financially as well in helping to save the environment. Products in the field of waste heat recovery reduce energy consumption, reduce CO2 and create clean usage water. Find out more about how your businesses can be investing in future success for you and the environment by clicking here!

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