Report Concludes That Renewable Energy Really Works!

May 18, 2011

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The United Nation’s group devoted to the problem of climate change, the ICPP, have released a 900 page document which optimistically states that the renewable energy sources that are currently available could function at a higher level than previously thought.  To read the article on the Renewable Energy “Bible” click here.

The studies main findings concluded that:

– “Technically, renewable energy could easily supply all of the world’s energy needs (and much more) by 2050.

– Politically, up to 77 percent of global electricity demand could be satisfied by power from renewable energy sources by 2050.

– Costs of renewable energy are projected to decrease significantly in coming years and significant deployment is projected.

– Governments need to pursue the more aggressive policies and growth path in order to keep greenhouse gas concentrations below 450 parts per million, a critical necessity according to climatologists.”

If you’re interested in putting this good news about renewable energy into practice through the use of a waste heat recovery condensing economizer, contact us today!  You’ll be glad you did!


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