New Study Finds CO2 is the Earth’s Thermostat

November 30, 2010

C02 Photo

For those of you interested in more detailed information on the significance of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere and the importance of reducing our carbon footprint, check out this new article from NASA.

As revealed in the article, two new climate modeling studies have determined that while there are many other factors involved, “the planet’s temperature ultimately depends on the atmospheric level of carbon dioxide.”

One point I found fascinating was that atmospheric C02 levels over the ages have fluctuated between 180 parts per million during ice ages, and 280 ppm during warmer periods. Today our atmospheric C02 levels are approaching 390 ppm – truly uncharted territory for our planet.

Thankfully, here at Sidel Systems we’re in the business of helping reduce CO2 while also saving our clients money. We will continue to do all we can to help our clients minimize their carbon footprint, and work together to ensure a brighter tomorrow!

– Sid

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