Natural Defenders Against Global Warming Are Weakened

July 15, 2011

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The earth has a built in system to defend against and over production of greenhouse gases in the earths atmosphere; but what happens when that defense stops working? This is the question that scientists have had to ask as a recent study suggests that these “natural defenders” may be well spent.

What are these natural defenders? The oceans and soil are the two largest absorbing agents of CO2 and have protected the planet from major catastrophic effects as a result. In a recent study however, it seems likely that the planets oceans and soils are just about maxed out in terms of the amount of CO2 they are able to retain. Read the study here.

Even worse is the idea that with an over-saturation of CO2, other gases that have been trapped will begin to be released which actually pose a much bigger threat. Gases such as methane which burn hotter and cause more immediate results to climate.

It’s time we begin to take this issue of climate change as serious as it needs to be. Join us in supporting technology like ours that helps to curb this major global issue!

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