Investors Looking At Businesses Carbon Footprint

April 11, 2011

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Resource conservation has always had huge benefits for business because of money saved from using less.  Well, a new study has found that businesses that “go green” are not only saving money but making it as well.  Investment companies have seen a rise in interest for companies that conserve water and emit less CO2.  The study found a direct correlation between the amount of amount of greenhouse gases emitted and the overall stock value.  In a nutshell, when a business pollutes more they’re losing investment dollars.

To read the study Click here.

Average investors and consumers are getting wise.  Global warming is no longer a hidden or conspiratorial issue, but is on the mainstream radar of anyone who follows global events in the slightest.  Issues like water usage and greenhouse gas emissions will only become more eminent as the situation gets worse.  It only makes sense that if businesses want to succeed in the future, taking these issues seriously today should be a key strategy.

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