India Takes a Stand for Efficiency

June 8, 2011

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The enormity of India’s population is almost impossible to imagine. According to a recent New York Times article explaining India’s desire to curb emissions, “With four times the population of the United States, an economy growing 8 percent to 9 percent a year and surging energy demand, India’s race to become an economic power has propelled it to No.3 on the list of top carbon polluters, after China and the United States.”

Whether we in the West like it or not, the East is becoming a major influencing factor in global economies. This desire to see an increase in environmental stewardship throughout the nation of India sets the standard that many of the surrounding nations will sure to follow.

The United States and other western nations will need to be fully immersed within the world of energy efficiency technology if we want to stay afloat in the changing economic landscape of the world. Sidel Systems USA is in the business of help you doing just that – contact us today!

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