Government Programs Spur Homeowners to Go Green

June 2, 2011

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Homeowners across the country are seeing the benefit of switching to energy efficient technology through enticing governmental programs. Take for example, in Redding, California where the electricity company is handing out $9000 rebates to homeowners who switch to more energy efficient heating and air conditioner units. Read the full story here.

Homeowners who make the switch not only pay little for the equipment upgrade, but they also save hundreds to thousands of dollars on electricity costs as well! Now, if homeowners are getting this great of a deal through government programs on such a single home, think about how much you could be saving at your business.

Technology like the Sidel SRU Condensing Economizer pays for itself in no time and continues to save for decades to come. Investing in technology that’s good for the planet is also makes an investment in your financial success!

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