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Good Policies For Natural Gas Energy Efficiency

January 26, 2011

Many businesses are looking for effective energy management policies that will help them comply with future government regulations as well as advance their profitability goals.  I recently discovered that the Alliance to Save Energy has a well structured program that advocates increased efficiency for industries that use natural gas.  Read the recommended policy here:

As a business owner, I want federal policy that is realistic yet also effective, leaves room for personal responsibility, and begins with change at the top.  One of the most compelling points to the proposed policy is “the federal government is the nation’s single largest energy user. The government should lead by example…”

Being one step ahead of federal policy is just one of the many things we’re proud of here at Sidel Systems.  Utilizing technology like ours allows your business to take a step in the right direction and together we can move towards a future where energy policy and increased profits go hand in hand.

I invite you to share your thoughts below – and let’s all start working towards a common set of environmental goals for 2011!

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