Going “Green” Means Improving Not Replacing

March 1, 2011

I’ve been telling my clients for the past 30 years that energy efficiency is the true meaning of “green”. The world we live in today teaches that “green” means something very different. They teach that going “green” means creating more, consuming more and wasting more through technology that is all be it clean continues the cycle of waste that we’ve been battling with for ages.

This Johnsons Controls video does a great job of showcasing the issue at hand:

The world faces some important and serious issues that need to be addressed with solutions that can begin today. Through increased energy efficiency, the solution is possible without creating, inventing or thinking of anything new. Most businesses and industries could use an efficiency makeover to make the most out of the natural resources they consume.

We love being a helping hand along the way for those seeking to help our planet and take action. Any questions or thoughts you may have on how we can help your business get on track with the “green” trend just let us know!

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