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Energy Efficiency vs. Renewable Energy Sources

January 21, 2011

As an energy efficiency business owner, I notice a lot of misunderstanding over the difference between renewable energy and energy efficiency.  Both are important but in very different ways.  A recent article published in the U.K. does a nice job of pointing out the specific importance of energy efficiency verses renewable energy sources.

It’s important to remember that replacement of current technology isn’t always necessary and in fact is not always the “green” solution.  For many businesses, the issue isn’t about replacement of technology but is simply a matter of making existing equipment as energy efficient as possible.  The article points out that “the impact of cutting utility bills on your company’s bottom line will become increasingly important as energy prices rise. A drive for efficiency now will also help to hedge against likely energy price volatility in the future.”  Investing in maximum efficiency is the key to true environmental responsibility as well as insuring a safe future for you and your business.

All of us at Sidel Systems are proud to provide technology that is affordable and beneficial to your business by reducing carbon emissions, conserving resources, and saving your business money.

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