Energy Efficiency Business Grows Amid Dour Economy

May 10, 2011

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The economic realities of today’s world have affected many businesses and industries in a negative way. Many businesses have even had to shut their doors or lay off employees just to make it through this harsh economic storm.

Not surprising to many is the significant growth seen in the energy efficiency industry. A recent article in Barron’s suggests 5 reasons as to why energy efficient businesses are faring well through the storm;

1) A rise in energy costs has enticed businesses to think of ways to reduce consumption.
2) Budgetary restrictions have forced businesses into thinking of ways to save money.
3) Government taxes as well as tax breaks.
4) Marketing strategy.
5) An awareness to the environmental benefits of “going green”.

Whatever the reason, businesses are making the right choice. The reality is that when businesses make energy efficiency a top priority not only do those companies selling “green” technology benefit – so do the ones purchasing it! Equipment like our Waste Heat Recovery Condensing Economizer is guaranteed to save your business money, help the environment and increase your bottom line. Contact us today to see how you too can be a part of a winning economy!

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