Economic Slump Has Hurt the Environment

June 29, 2011

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The recent and current economic slump was no friend to the environment.  As we shared last week, CO2 levels are once again beating out previous records and it’s being contributed to the inability of businesses to make their carbon footprint goals.  Read the news story here.

There’s still that fear amongst the business community that making the switch is something that hurts more than it helps.  The reality is that even with an upfront expense, businesses will typically save significant amounts of energy and money within a very short amount of time.  This allows the initial investment to be paid back and then some quickly!

We must keep our priorities in line despite the appearance of losing out in the bottom line.  It has been proven and tested that business decisions that help the planet end up helping you sooner than you think.  Our Sidel SRU Condensing Economizers are a great example of a technology that pays for itself in a short amount of time continues to make you money for years.  Keep the planet a priority and continue to meet your carbon footprint goals!


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