Drought In the Amazon Could Expedite Global Warming

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March 25, 2011

One of the realities of climate change is that there’s still much that we don’t understand. Take for example, the topic addressed in a recent article titled, “Drought In Amazon Basin May Effect Global Warming“.

The article sheds light on the possible crisis we could have if drought continues to hit the Amazon. Ironically, the Amazon has been one of the planets biggest defenders against global warming because of its plethora of CO2 consuming trees. The potential problem lies with the eventual death and decay of all of this plant matter if a lack of annual rain continues. If this material dies, then all that consumed Carbon becomes emitted carbon to the tune of 80 million tons – which is more than the entire U.S.A emitted in 2009!

It’s reports like this that we hope will prompt consumers and businesses alike to begin changing their ways. Fortunately, owners of natural gas and LP boilers can be a part of the defense in reversing the trends that threaten our planet.

Investing in technology that supports a healthier environment is one of the best business decisions you can make in today’s market. We’d love to be a part of finding solutions for you and the planet!

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