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Business Strategy for Selling Energy Efficiency

February 1, 2011

Businesses like ours, which work towards selling the benefits of energy efficiency, have a constant challenge in proving that the benefits of their product are well worth the investment.  In a recently published article, I read about a method that some companies are using that shows just how real the benefits of energy efficiency are.  Read the article here:

Multiple companies are now offering to install their energy efficiency products with no upfront costs and are basing payments entirely off of the amount saved by the equipment being installed.  In effect, this is allowing business to go “green” without spending any extra money!

Our product, the Sidel SRU Flue Gas Condenser offers a great way to become energy efficient and save your business money.  Typically paying for itself within 6-24 months, our condensing economizer technology continues to save you and your business money for decades to come.  Let us know how we can help your business improve its bottom line!

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