An Appeal for Climate Change

July 8, 2011

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Since the beginning, the science of climate change has always had its critics. The two teams have been going head to head in vehement opposition to each others positions. Much of the issue has stemmed from confusion about simple scientific processes that the media has largely left unexplained. Target issues for climate deniers are things like, snowstorms, rain storms, and abnormal cold fronts. The argument suggests that these weather anomalies indicate something other than a warming climate. Scientists on the other hand argue the opposite; warming, they say, is the driving force behind the unpredictably and exaggerated weather conditions the world has recently experienced.

A recent opinion article in the New York Times describes the situation well. Below is a section from the article, to read more click here.

“The essential point, however, is that once we have accepted the authority of a particular scientific discipline, we cannot consistently reject its conclusions. To adapt Schopenhauer’s famous remark about causality, science is not a taxi-cab that we can get in and out of whenever we like. Once we board the train of climate science, there is no alternative to taking it wherever it may go.”

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