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American Business Is Going Green

February 22, 2011

Everybody knows that business is shifting in a more environmentally friendly direction.  The benefits of helping the environment, improving marketability, as well as saving money have compelled many companies and industries to change their ways in an effort to improve their business for the long haul.

I came across an encouraging article which showcases the different methods that businesses and industries are using when going green.  Check it out here:

“Businesses around the globe produce nearly as much waste as they do product” reports Diana Rodriguez, author of the article.  What’s positive is that in today’s technologically advanced society, we have the means to waste much less then what we have in the past.

Our SRU Condensing Economizers are the perfect fit for reducing wasted energy for businesses and industries that use natural gas and LP boilers and appliances.  Consider minimizing your waste and taking your business to a whole new level of “green” – we’d love to help you make the change!

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